How To Setup Featured Campaign

Email Relating to COVID-19 Outbreak

Please note, if you are closing your office to all "non emergency" patients for the next couple of weeks - please be sure to remove those patients from your schedule. If you aren't rescheduling them, please make sure that the appointment status is either broken or cancelled. That will stop PracticeMojo from continuing to try to confirm and remind those patients.

Many of our practices have requested an email to send to their patients regarding the recent COVID-19 outbreak. While we can always help you create a custom email message, due to number of requests, we have created a new email template available to everyone that you can use to send to patients regarding concerns and care during this time.

This email campaign is currently the “Featured” Campaign on your dashboard and you can use it as is or modify it to meet your practice needs.

To send the campaign:

Scroll to the bottom of your Dashboard to find the Featured Campaign box. Click on Setup Now.


You may change the image by selecting Change Theme then Selecting a new image or use the one we’re already selected as the default.
covid campaign.png

You may edit the verbiage by clicking on Edit Message.
covid edit.png

Modify the text that will appear in the popup window. Be sure to click on Apply Changes once you’re done with your edits.

Next, click on the date that you want the campaign to be sent out. The box on the calendar day should turn blue.
covid save.png

The final step is to click on Save Campaign. You’ll then see the date your campaign is scheduled.
covid saved.png

Additionally, we can modify your courtesy reminder text messages to add language regarding cancellations or postponement of appointments, or help you prepare a message in the event your office will need to close.

Please don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 556-2580 to help with any communications needs you have for your patients. We will be happy to help.

Feliz, Linda, Mark and Tiffany
Your Dedicated Practice Coaches